Repository Policy

Physical Education and Sports: Studies and Research (PESSR) supports open access and the sharing of scholarly works to foster collaboration and knowledge dissemination. This policy outlines the repository archiving permissions for pre-print, post-print, and publisher's version/PDF of manuscripts and published articles under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, while recognizing that authors retain the copyright of their works. PESSR is following Sherpa/Romeo's policy.

Pre-Print Archiving

Authors are permitted to archive pre-prints of their manuscripts on personal websites, institutional repositories, and non-commercial pre-print servers. The pre-print version refers to the original draft of the article before it undergoes peer review and formal publication. Authors retain the copyright of their pre-prints, and archiving them in repositories allows for early sharing of research findings.

Post-Print Archiving

After peer review and any necessary revisions, authors are encouraged to deposit the accepted version of their articles, also known as post-prints, in institutional repositories or other non-commercial repositories. Post-prints represent the final author-approved version before publisher formatting and typesetting. Authors retain the copyright of their post-prints and can share them freely for non-commercial purposes.

Publisher's Version/PDF Archiving

The publisher's version/PDF refers to the final published version of the article as it appears on the journal website or other publication platform. While authors hold the copyright to their manuscripts, they are permitted to share the publisher's version/PDF in non-commercial repositories and on personal websites without any embargo periods.

License Conditions

All pre-prints, post-prints, and publisher's versions/PDF archived in repositories must be accompanied by the appropriate Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Compliance and Attribution

Authors are responsible for ensuring that their archiving practices comply with PESSR's policies and copyright regulations. When depositing manuscripts in repositories, authors should provide appropriate attribution to Physical Education and Sports: Studies and Research (PESSR) and acknowledge the original publication.

Review of the Policy

Physical Education and Sports: Studies and Research (PESSR) will periodically review and update this repository policy to ensure its alignment with the evolving best practices in scholarly publishing and repository archiving. Any revisions to this policy will be communicated to authors and made publicly available on the journal's website.