Journal History

Journal of Science and Education (JSE) was established on September 1, 2020 with editor-in-chief Mr. Yulingga Nanda Hanief.

In September 21, 2020 ISSN (Online) successfully registered with ISSN (Online) 2745-5351.

In September 2021 the JSE began to be indexed in GARUDA.

In April 2022 the JSE began to be registered with Crossref.

In May 2022 the JSE already has a DOI (Document of Index).

Starting from Volume 1 Issue 2 2021, the JSE only accepts manuscripts in English.

Since Volume 1 Issue 2 2021, we have involved reviewers from various countries and continents. Both for articles received and those we rejected. The continents are spread in Asia including Pakistan, Jordan, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philipines, Oman) and Africa includes South Africa. Our total involved 32 reviewers from various countries. Meanwhile, new editors from Asia and Europe. Editors from the Asian continent include Indonesia, India, and Malaysia; Europe from United Kingdom.


The DOAJ Team has made a decision to include the journal Journal of Science and Education (JSE) in its directory at May 31, 2022.


In July 30, 2022, the Journal of Science and Education (JSE) is pleased to announce that Prof. Cathy Mae Toquero, from College of Education, Mindanao State University, General Santos City, Philippines, has been appointed as the new Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Science and Education (JSE). Yulingga Nanda Hanief was awarded an Editorial Assistant Bursary position with the BJS in 2016/2017. She will start his new position as Editor-in-Chief on August 1, 2022.